Even the word can have a powerful affect on people. It likely conjures up feelings along the negativity spectrum. Maybe those feelings were affected by a political conversation gone bad or a law passed (or didn’t) that turned your life upside down.

I hope to change some of that. In the world today, the interest in politics may be increasing, but the conversations aren’t getting much better. Since there isn’t a reset button that would allow us to start from scratch, I hope to simply contribute a positive voice for the side of political engagement. It’s not all bad. It’s not all scary.

But who am I to comment on politics? I’m just a stay-at-home mom. What do I know about the world? I just deal with kids all day long; petty squabbling, immature behavior, gross bodily fluids, scrubbing, wiping, picking up, listening, comforting…. caring…


That sums it up.

I am someone who cares.

If you’re still reading and interested to know a bit more about me, here’s the short version of my life story.

I grew up in a traditional family environment with a mom who stayed home and a dad who went to work. My mom has a college degree and encouraged me to get one too. After haggling over the details with my dad for a week or so, he convinced me to major in business (instead of fashion or theater like I had in mind). I’m so glad I listened. Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business, I’ve worked for three different start-up companies. I’ve also worked as a freelance interpreter (American Sign Language) in several states across the country. I’ve lived on the East Coast in Delaware, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Virginia. I’ve lived on the West Coast in California. I’ve lived in Indiana, Idaho, and Utah. And all of that was before I started living internationally.

Together with my husband, we started living overseas as Peace Corps volunteers to Romania. Then, my husband got a job working for the foreign service through the Agency for International Development (USAID). We have lived in Colombia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia through his job with USAID. My husband also did a tour in Afghanistan as a civilian. Living overseas has given me a perspective on our nation, government, and American culture. It’s also given me a chance to learn Romanian, Spanish, Russian, and Indonesian.

We returned to the United States for a few years as my husband and I decided to get more involved in local politics. In 2020 we both ran for political office.

And now we’re back to living overseas, currently in Uganda.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning along with me as I make an effort to understand and participate better in politics. I realized when I started this blog that the only way to make things better is to get involved.

So here goes…