Celebrate Every Victory


The results of November 7th’s election are awesome!  No matter which party you belong to or identify with, there’s something for everyone to celebrate.  It’s probably something Trump supporters celebrated in 2016.

The reason for celebration is simple.  Minority voices are being heard, and that’s a good thing.

As we celebrate, congratulating ourselves or others, I just want to add a thought of caution about the whole system.  It’s built around the idea of winners and losers.  Once one side of our bipartisan system loses, it’s back to the war room to figure out how to swing votes back.  Losers are up in arms, upset and keeping track of every trip-up until the wind changes and fortune favors them again.  It’s not my vision for our country’s politics.

I hope that the victories of this year’s election can translate into some revolutionary victories in the years to come.

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