Among Friends


Still fairly new at talking politics, I feel I’ve made some important decisions as a result of recent debates.  I’d like to share a few, mostly because these decisions challenge me and it’s a little scary.  I’m hoping they aren’t so scary when shared with friends.  

Talking about politics is no small task.  There’s a reason why we avoid anything with a hint of political undertone. But if we’re going to make progress together in finding real solutions, I need to commit myself to rising above the ordinary approach because it’s going to take something extraordinary to turn things around.

I have to be willing to admit my mistakes.  By holding onto opinions posing as facts, or facts that haven’t been checked, I’m not going to get at the truth.  I have already edited two blog posts using important information I’ve received from readers’ comments.

As frustrated as I may feel, there are probably people out there even more frustrated or more upset than I am.  Empathy can help me relate better.  Relating helps me listen, and listening will help me navigate the pathway to truth.

No single political figure is the problem.  As much as I would like to place blame on someone, it’s not really where it belongs.  And that takes me to my next commitment.

Don’t worry about placing blame.  Blaming, as discussed extensively by several PhD level people, takes away responsibility – and power.  If we accept responsibility we empower ourselves to influence change.

I can do hard things.  I don’t always want to, but I need to know that I am capable of a lot more than I realize.  I’m feeling up to the challenge of seeing just how strong I am.

I still have a lot of growing to do.  I’m sure there are more items to add to this list.  And that’s okay, because I feel I’m among friends.

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  1. It takes courage to write about making mistakes. We all make mistakes but it’s an especially valiant (and endearing) trait to admit it, learn from it, and move on.

    I like what you said about having personal power to effect change….change in ourselves as we accept responsibility and change in our world as we strive for truth.

    I admire your quest for truth. It’s a worthy goal.

    I really enjoy reading this blog. It gives me important things to think about, like considering how I can help make the world a better place….not just for me but for others who share this planet with me.

    Thank you, Emily, for reaching out to embrace the best and inviting all of us to join you.

    You’re a friend indeed.


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