Taco Pizza – Now That’s a Moderate Choice.

tacopizzaMy brother is a former US Marine. He’s got a way of explaining things in such a way that just make sense. I could have added his comment to the rest of the comments about being a moderate, but…. nah.

Here’s how he explains a moderate using the following analogy:

“You get someone who decides that they love pizza, so they post on social media that pizza is awesome. Soon you have people commenting and sharing the fact that pizza is awesome. Fine. Cool.

Then you’ve got someone who loves tacos. They start posting pics of them with tacos, tacos with hearts around them and soon, they have a bunch of other people who love tacos and think tacos are awesome too. Cool. Fine.

But then, the pizza guy looks at the taco lovers and says, “Nah, Tacos are dumb. Hate ’em. Won’t eat ’em,” and posts on social media his disdain for tacos. His pizza loving buddies jump all over that too and now they all hate tacos.

The taco guy sees all the negative comments about tacos coming from pizza lovers and is like, “What? Pizza is nothing compared to tacos. Pizza is dumb, tacos rule,” and shares all of that with his followers. Soon all of his groupies are hating on pizza too.

Then along comes a moderate.

He thinks to himself, “Eh, tacos are good. I wouldn’t eat them every day, but I can see myself having a few on Taco Tuesday.

“Hmmm, pizza. Yeah, I like pizza, especially when I’ve burned dinner and I need something quick. It’s a good go-to for something last minute.

“Hey, here’s a thought. What about taco pizza? Now that would be cool.”

You might be a moderate if…… you like taco pizza.

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