Mom’s Political Calendar

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I hate to brag, but I have a pretty good track record for missing important dates and deadlines. Yeah, well, not everyone can be as good as me. 🙂 This year, I want to do better. I’m working on creating a political workbook that will encourage me to keep better track and collect important information during this political year.

Because dates and deadlines matter, I’m starting with the calendar. I’ve designed a calendar that makes me happy and will hopefully keep me aware of what’s going on. This calendar will be a home for voter registration deadlines, town hall meeting dates, meet the candidates events… stuff like that. There are several dates already determined at the beginning of the year. There are probably regular meetings that I could be attending that I’m not aware of.

I’m going to challenge myself to go through my local county and city’s websites to find out what events are coming up and what meetings are already going on. I’m going to put down the deadlines for registering and voting (because I’ve actually missed those before). If I can at least start with this, I’m hoping I’ll find motivation to keep going.

If you find this useful, I hope you’ll join me! I’ll be publishing more workbook pages, sharing them as a post, and putting them on its own page for your reference. Feel free to download each part and build your own workbook. For those who would rather wait, when I have the workbook done you’ll have the option to order one from me “at cost”.

Either way, thank you for taking a moment and celebrating with me as I try to do better!

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