Politics Needs You

I have been struggling to feel I have a place or purpose in politics. I mean, who am I to try and make things better when odds are, nothing is really going to change. Why try? And besides, I’m not really needed in politics. There are more qualified people who are already involved and doing their thing. There’s no room for me. I’m so behind anyway, I’ll just make a fool of myself.

For example, I recently participated in a political thing where a few of us had an opportunity to give speeches. As I gave my speech (to a very small gathering of people) most of what I said sounded a lot like, “Aw, come on, everyone. Let’s all just get along and be friends.” Beside me was a more seasoned individual with a prepared speech pointing to specific issues and statistics. I felt like a kindergartner sharing the platform with a college student.

And another example, I’m sitting in a workshop filled with women, all experienced and professional. One by one they share their extensive pedigree with the rest of us. I feel so small, so insignificant. What could I possibly contribute? These women are figurative giants with decades of experience. I’m, like, not.

As I’ve spent the last few years catching up in politics, I realize I don’t need to be like all of these other people. I don’t need an extensive pedigree or fancy titles.

I am exactly who I need to be.

And the same goes for you. We are all unique and wonderful with something vital to contribute. Who cares if we don’t have years of political experience? Maybe that’s a good thing!

I know politics can be intimidating. It can be overwhelming and often filled with negativity. There are a lot of us struggling to figure things out. But just imagine if we all got a little more involved and aware. Imagine if we made space and invited others to join us.

Over the next few days, I’d like you to consider ways we can help others feel more welcome. Would it be helpful to create a forum to discuss things? Would a political workbook be a helpful tool? Are you hungry for more podcasts or YouTube videos that breakdown information? Do you wish there was an app to help you stay informed? What things would you like? What would help you feel more welcome? What things would scare you away?

Politics needs us. The political world is a mess and something needs to be done to make things better. If not us, who?


  1. Hi Emily! I really like this post. I think you’re exactly right; you don’t have to have all sorts of credentials to engage in politics. Politics affect us all and the non-politician voices, so to speak are just as important. For me personally, one reason I stay out of political conversations is because it’s become so volatile and people attack each other instead of trying to understand the other person’s perspective. I feel like people just shut down and clam up, because of that. It seems to me what could help is creating a space where all that is left at the door. Leave the preconceived notions at the door and set guiding principles or ground rules to facilitate open dialogue without accusation or personal attack. When we can’t discuss honestly and openly we can’t come together. Just my two cents. Thanks for this post!

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    • Rachelle, I really, really love this comment! I think you are absolutely right! I think politics would greatly improve if we could do exactly as you suggest. How nice would that be!

      Thank you for that awesome comment!!


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