Women Leading through Crisis

A reader and dear cousin of mine asked me some very thought-provoking questions about women who lead during a crisis. I later found an article that highlighted women leaders around the world who seem to be doing a really great job, guiding their country through this pandemic. It’s inspiring to know that women can lead.

It’s made me reflect and consider some important things about myself. How do I lead? What are my strengths and abilities?

Well, to start, it’s clear that I’m not a leader of a nation, a state, or even a town. I’m not the president of a company or the director of an organization. Well, on second thought, I guess you could say I’m the director of an organization — a very, very small one. So whatever it is I do, it’s on a smaller scale.

These past few days and weeks have exposed a lot about my leadership style. I enjoy being creative and organized. It’s important to me that each family member is happy and thriving. I’ve noticed I’m not half-bad at some things. I can make a crying child smile. I can help a frustrated 2nd grader focus on homework.

My influence isn’t limited to just my family. Even with quarantine, I can listen to a friend and offer support. I can respond to a need of a neighbor. I can do my part and encourage others to do the same. And it’s not just about leading all the time. I’m happy to follow the example of others and adopt good ideas when I hear them.

I care, probably a little too much, about the world around me. I notice the little things and try my best to think of a way I might help. I notice the little things people do for me and feel gratitude for their kindness and love.

It’s uncomfortable, maybe, to recognize what talents and abilities you have to offer. Even when you doubt it, others don’t doubt you.

You’re doing a lot of good in the world.

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