Survey on How You View Different Parts of the World

Not long ago I put together a survey which asked participants to describe how they view various parts of the world.

Like, how would they describe the United States? What do they think about Europe or South America? How would you describe Africa?

I asked two of my local friends to canvas the street near my house. We got responses from a few people, including a vegetable shop owner and a scooter taxi guy. I also asked the Uber driver on the way home from the supermarket. Another friend took copies of the survey and asked some students at a local university.

It was very informal, but the findings were quite interesting.

Before I share some of the results of how African respondents perceive the rest of the world, let me give you a chance to give your own responses.

I took the paper survey and created a version you can fill out online.

Have fun sharing your personal views of the world! I’m excited to read what you have to say.

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