Mom’s State of the Union


President Trump gave his State of the Union address just this past Tuesday. Some people liked it, some people didn’t. Yep, politics.

Um, just a question.  Did the Republicans meet up right before the speech, in some “politicians’ locker room”, and agree to clap at basically everything Trump said? Do you think they did it to make Trump happy? Or to make all the Democrats really mad?  I was about to lose my mind a few times there.  If you do watch the speech online, be sure to look for the one with all the clapping edited out.

State of the Union is a good time to reflect on the year and highlight how we’re doing as a nation. President Trump highlighted in his speech the many things he’s proud of and is feeling optimistic about. I don’t really feel like going over everything Trump talked about since there are plenty of other sources to give their thoughts and opinions.  However, I figure it can’t hurt to share some of my thoughts about the state of the Union.

A year under President Trump has been interesting to say the least. I now have a Twitter account, a political blog, and am getting more involved in politics.  Yeah, pretty much all thanks to President Trump’s first year in the White House.

I didn’t realize it then, but I know now that I had become apathetic.  I left it to politicians and civil activists to affect change in my country.  I see now that I need care more about what’s going on and look for opportunities to get involved.  Luckily this year has been filled with good examples.

Americans, as usual, have been responding to things they want to change. I really admire that about America. This year we have seen an increase in political awareness and even more celebrity involvement.  Movements of various kinds have taken hold or gained more attention as people are joining in or becoming more aware of issues.

For the first time we’ve seen the power of social media to influence real change. The #MeToo movement helped politicians and others understand the magnitude of a problem long brushed aside. While sexual harassment is definitely not a new issue, it is the first time we’ve seen a massive wave of accountability placed on individuals in positions of power. I believe that’s where it has to start before a lasting cultural change can happen. I’ve learned a lot from the #MeToo movement.

Whether you know it or not, the moderate (sometimes called centrist) voice in politics is beginning to gain power and momentum. Many people dissatisfied with the two party system are initiating partisan change at the state and federal level. Moderate political parties are starting up in some states, and being revived in others. You should definitely see what’s going on in your state and see if it’s something you want to support.  Having more than two choices would dramatically change politics.

Unlike what politicians and certain media outlets might have us thinking, and even what I thought, Americans are really quite capable of making room for diversity and differences. We’re able to find common ground and build on it. I have been amazed at the conversations I’ve had since getting more involved in politics.

As we wrap up the first year with Trump as president and we’ve stopped pinching ourselves, I think we find a lot more people awakened to the challenges facing America. There is more eagerness, energy, and ingenuity as people seek to find ways to solve those challenges.

“As long as we are proud of who we are, and what we are fighting for, there is nothing we cannot achieve.”

Mr. President, you’re right about that!

Your turn.  As you look back on President Trump’s first year, what stands out to you?


  1. There are many negatives I could say about his first year. But one positive is that there are now more people involved civically than before. And more people involved civically now than any time in recent memory.

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  2. He’s unconventional.
    He’s rude.
    He’s arrogant.
    He’s the wake up call we need.

    His priorities are aligned with the needs of the country.

    He’s made some strides in the right direction, but needs to hold tight on immigration policies.

    I’m disappointed with the tax changes, I think they could have been more aggressive.

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  3. What I like about Trump is his ability to shake things up and get things going. The media doesn’t scare him. He doesn’t mind his name in the news. Political tradition and convention don’t dictate his state actions.

    Yes, he’s rude…..and vulgar. I think many Americans identify with him.

    He’s hard to control. He’s a bulldozer.

    But I’ve seen him soften and compromise on issues he was hard-nosed about during his campaign.

    He’s delegated to Congress and businessmen/women the challenge of finding workable solutions to various problems. I think that’s good.

    I believe Trump will continue to provide us with entertainment amid raised eyebrows but I think he will do many good things yet for our country.


    • Uh, I don’t think he will DO many good things, but he will provide a lot of motivation for others to step forward and provide balance.


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