Wha…? Trump Supporters?


Some people…. No matter what Trump does, no matter how awful, they can always see the silver lining and laugh things off.  Ever since Trump’s new show, “Watch Me Be President”, I just… I just… there are no words.   Seriously!  What is keeping this guy together?  Too much has been leaving me dumbfounded and I’m tired of it.

I decided I needed to take some time and better understand the side that can see the glass half full with the current administration — the Trump administration.  As I’ve done a little digging, I’ve come up with at least four things that Trump does that a lot of people like.  Not all “Trump fans” actually like Trump, but they certainly like some of the things he’s doing.

He let’s his “ugly” hang out. He doesn’t seem to hide from his flaws, mistakes, or marital affairs.  He just keeps on going, unscathed and unapologetic.  At least, that’s how some people see it.

Why does this work for people? Because this separates him from the regular politician.  Politicians are characterized by perfect hair and a pasted-on smile.  But do they really tell us the truth?  Likely they just say whatever will get them reelected.  And seeing as how most politicians suddenly disappear after a scandal, some figure that the politicians who are still around just haven’t been caught yet.

Trump doesn’t run away scared.  He is who he is.  What you see is what you get (I just barfed a little) and people figure they have a better chance of trusting him than the contrived speeches of other politicians.   Whether or not Trump always tells the truth doesn’t matter.   It’s his ability to face the scandals and say whatever he feels like makes him “genuine” and “honest”.

Trump knows how to play the media.  There are a lot of people out there who already don’t trust the media.  After the 2008 presidential election I was sharing my thoughts and opinions about some of the candidates to a friend. “How did you figure that out?” he asked sarcastically. “Is that what the media told you?” By his estimation, the media had shaped and formed my opinions for me.  Because of that, he wasn’t really interested in listening.

Trump does two things to play the media.  First, he wages war on them directly by accusing every opposing channel of fake news.  Second, he constantly throws out new material for the media, and they gobble it right up.  Every misspelled word, every cryptic tweet that the media talks about makes the media look even more stupid.  To those who don’t like the media, this demonstrates that Trump is clearly in charge of the game.

(Sometimes I wish the media would just stop taking the bait… Like for real!)

Trump doesn’t bow to international protocol.  What’s the best way to show you are your own person and not beholden to anyone?  Be rude, apparently.  Push past other leaders, be offensive, and break agreements.  At least, that’s what the rest of us see.  For those who like Trump’s approach, they see Trump holding other countries accountable, removing the American crutch and telling them to pull their own weight.

Even many of those who stand to suffer generally like what Trump is doing.  Rather than feeling like one small part of an international giant, we become the masters of the beast.

Trump is never politically correct.  There is a segment of people out there who feel like victims of political correctness.  You say certain things, you get in trouble.  The news is filled with stories of people who lose jobs and ruin their lives by saying or doing the wrong thing.  Whether you agree with how things are being handled, there are people out there who feel that political correctness is limiting our freedom and controlling our choices too much.

Trump swoops in as a hero, a champion for those who feel this way.  He doesn’t care to be politically correct and the imposed consequences can’t touch him.  He shows that people don’t have to hide and feel ashamed, they can say and feel how they choose.

SO… no matter what new point comes up against Trump, he already has the upper hand.  He’s either just messing with the people in power, or he’s the only one brave enough to stand up to the status quo and shake things up.  

Like it or not, these are things we need to consider, because not all Trump fans are toothless crazy white guys.


    • Yeah, because of Trump I find myself working harder to understand things too. My issue was being passive and just letting other politicians take care of things. As I look at my local government and representatives, there are things I’m not happy with… and I can really only blame myself. Great comment!


  1. Hmmm. Yes, it’s sad isn’t it –you hit the nails on the head in this one! I wonder when these supporters will realize they’ve been taken in hook, line and sinker. Regardless of what he says and does, there’s just one person who matters for Trump, himself!


  2. I really enjoyed reading your insights on why Trump appeals to a segment of Americans.
    I really liked what you said about “Trump holding other countries accountable, removing the American crutch and telling them to pull their own weight”. YES !
    Thanks, Emily, for understanding so well what draws people to Trump !


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